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Rev Dr Neil Oosthuizen, originator and editor of the Malihambe! Series, as well as author of several of the books, is available to run various workshops in the local Church. Neil is a gifted teacher and has run these workshops across South Africa.

A Simple Rule for Life

45 minutes to 90 minutes

Based on the book of the same title, Neil invites the participants to examine their lives in the light of Jesus' command to "love the Lord your God" and to "love your neighbour as you love yourself" (Mark 12:29-31). He then introduces the Rule of Life as a practical tool to help us live out God's love each day.

"God-breathed" - Setting the Bible free to transform your life today

Six 90 minute sessions (ideally run over six or seven weeks)

Based on volume 1 of the Malihambe! Bible Series Malihambe! Reading the Bible in Southern Africa today, this workshop takes the participants through the subjects covered in the book in a relevant and enjoyable way. Using small groups, members are encouraged to share with others as they journey in God's Word.

Note: each participant needs to own a copy of the book.

Logo_picture_640x480Setting God's Word free

45 minutes to 2 hours

Designed specifically for Preachers, this workshop takes the participants through the stages of proper exegesis as the preacher seeks to find God's message for his/her congregation in the pages of Holy Scripture.

Preaching with integrity

45 minutes to 2 hours

Having found God's message for your hearers, how does the preacher turn this message into a relevant and effective sermon? Designed as a follow-up workshop to Setting God's Word free, this workshop looks at various types of sermons and how to make sure your message "preaches".


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