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Christmas wishes (24th December 2014)


Malihambe Publishers wishes you God's richest blessings as we celebrate the birth of the King this year!

A new author welcomed! (21st December 2014)

Walking_with_Jesus_72dpiThe fourth book in the Malihambe! Living Spiritually Series, Walking with Jesus - Reflections on Discipleship, has just been published. This exciting little book takes the Christ-follower through the stories of Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman, the blind man and Lazarus, before examining the inward and outward spiritual disciplines.

Written by Louise Peters, a long-time friend and mentor of Neil's, this booklet is sure to become a favourite!

Available from Christian Connexion Resource Centres, on our website, and at our next booktable.

Malihambe! available commercially (1st December 2014)

christian_connexionIn an exciting new venture for Malihambe Publishers, all our books are now available from Christian Connexion Resource Centres around the country.

CCRC has 12 branches: in Benoni, Bloemfontein, Bryanston (Sandton), Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg, Kimberley, Mthatha, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria.

This is an exciting new development, part of Malihambe Publishers goals for 2014, said Neil Oosthuizen, director and editor. Now our books are not limited to where we can arrange a booktable!

Website back on line! (21st August 2014)

For some reason the Malihambe Publishers website was deregistered by someone-or-other! After some frantic phonecalls it is up and running again, as is the e-mail address linked to the domain name.

We do apologise for any inconvenience you may have experienced because of this!

Volume 24a arrives (20th May 2014)

Malihambe_-_vol_24a_-_Warning_and_Promise_-_English_-_cover_72dpiMalihambe Publishers has just seen the release of the fifth commentary in the Malihambe! Bible Series - The Book of Warning and Promise (1) - A commentary on Isaiah 1 - 39. The book examines the historical background to the prophet Isaiah, discusses the various "Isaiahs" who gave us the book, and then looks at the structure of the first 39 chapters (the work of the first of the "Isaiahs"). Detailed commentary is then given, with questions for thought and discussion.

Don't forget to add this exciting commentary to your "toolbox". It is available from our next booktable and on the website.

Psalms (1) available in isiZulu (2nd March 2014)

At the end of March Neil was able to present Sebastian Msimang with the first copy of iBhuku lamaHubo (1) - Inhlaziyo yamaHubo 1 - 72. Father Sebastian translated volume 19 of the Malihambe! Bible Series into isiZulu. 

The book is available at Malihambe! booktables (look out for us at the next Convention and Synod) and from the website.

4G to "Let the Word spread!" (26 February 2014)
On Tuesday 25th February Neil shared the Malihambe! workshop Let the Word spread with eight youth pastors in-training at the 4G training centre in Pretoria. 4G is a one-year programme offered by Limpopo District of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Based in Centurion in Gauteng the students join in an intensive three month training course followed by internship back at their home churches, with a couple of in-residence weeks later in the year.

The students were grateful for the insights offered by Neil, and certainly enjoyed the morning they spent with him.

Let the Word spread, based on volume 1 in the Malihambe! Bible Series, is just one of several workshops offered by Neil.

Welcome to 2014! (10 January 2014)

2014 holds all sorts of new titles and new developments for Malihambe Publishers:

> two new titles in The Malihambe! Bible Series will be published during the year - a commentary on Isaiah 1-39 (by Neil T Oosthuizen) and a commentary on the Gospel of John (by Charles Perry and Neil T Oosthuizen);
> two little books in the Malihambe! Living Spiritually Series will also make their appearance - Walking with Jesus - Reflections on Discipleship (by Louise Peters) and another one by Neil;
> a new "translation" of John Wesley's classic A Plain Account of Christian Perfection will also be published; and
> in addition, Neil will be meeting with Methodist Publishing House to discuss the possibility of the various Malihambe! series being carried in their Christian Connection stores.

Of course, the usual booktables, teaching courses, etc will continue. Why not make sure it happens in your Church, Circuit or Convention!

Book 3 arrives (10 December 2013)

Book 3 in the Malihambe! Living Spiritually Series, The Seven Words of Christ for Today, arrived at the beginning of December, unfortunately too late to make it onto our booktables (and into Christmas stockings) in time for Christmas. However, they will make an excellent Easter gift for that special someone who needs to grow in Christ.

They are available at all our booktables and from the website.

Malihambe Publishers support JBC (29 October 2013)

The Johannesburg Bible College, situated in Auckland Park in Joburg, South Africa, is a non-denominational, evengelical Bible College committed to growing Christians for ministry in the 21st century. With satelite campuses in Soweto and Zandspruit they are ensuring that good Bible education and training is available to as many people as possible.

JBC_Auckland_ParkAfter initial discussions with the Librarian at JBC, Glen Nesbitt, it was agreed that Malihambe will provide two copies of each book published in the Malihambe! Bible Series and one copy of each Malihambe! Living Spiritually Series book.

The first box of books has just been delivered to JBC. May her students continue to grow in God's grace and wholeness - and continue to grow the kingdom.

Malihambe Publishers teams up with the Organ Donor Foundation (15 September 2013)
On 3rd September 2013 Colleen Ann, the wife of Rev Dr Neil Oosthuizen, died as a result of liver failure caused by liver colongitis. Colleen had been on the waiting list for a new liver for almost a year, but sadly passed away before one could be found!

It is a sad statistic... but only 1% of South Africans are organ donors! And yet, by simply registering as an organ donor you can save seven lives when you die. Once an organ donor is pronounced "dead" by two separate doctors the seven organs are harvested (one heart, two lungs, one liver, two kidneys and one pancreas) and the body returned to the family for burial or cremation. In addition to the life-saving organs, they may also use the eyes, veins, etc.
Malihambe Publishers will be actively canvassing all our customers and supporters to register as an organ donor - go to
www.odf.org.za... it only takes a few minutes... and you can save seven lives when you die!

Latest Bible Study available (28 August 2013)
The latest Malihambe! Bible Study, Living in Jesus - A small group Bible study on Paul's Letter to the Philippians, has arrived and is now available (at any of our booktables and from the website).

Shouldn't your Home Group or Class Meeting be studying Paul's Letter to the Philippians soon?

Malihambe Publishers supports the training of Ministers (15 August 2013)

Deeply committed to the growth of all Preachers and Teachers within the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (and other expressions of the Church too), Malihambe Publishers have entered into an agreement with the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa to provide the Nelson Mandela and Robert Sobukwe Library with three copies of each book published.

A huge box of books was posted off at the end of July, thus making sure that all Methodist Ministers-in-training will have the necessary "tools" needed for their theological and ministerial equipping. As each new book is published so three copies will be sent to the library.

May they empower the Church in Africa for generations to come.

Malihambe goes digital! (12 July 2013)

Malihambe_LS_-_02_-_Lords_Prayer_-_English_-_cover_72dpiMalihambe Publishers has gone digital with book 2 in the Malihambe! Living Spiritually Series, Praying with Jesus, available online. This liitle book was chosen for the "experiment" because it's typesetting was the closest to that demanded by the online publishers. The rest will follow.

The online version is currently available at Smashwords.com, Kindle, iBookstore, Nook, and a whole lot more. It retails for $2.99 (R30 at today's conversion rate).

Why not get a copy to take with you wherever your reader/smartphone goes?

Volume 20 published (16 June 2013)

The second volume published by Malihambe Publishers has arrived from Shumani Printers in Cape Town. This means that the commentary on the Book of Psalms is now complete.

New Title arrives! (2 June 2013)

The latest book in the Malihambe! Living Spiritually Series has arrived from Shumani Printers in the Cape.

It will be on sale at the next booktable!

Local Preachers' Association Convention - Central District 
(10-11 May 2013)
Neil was privileged to address the LPA Convention of the Central District, meeting at Calvary Methodist Church in Midrand, on Saturday 11th May. The Meeting was deeply appreciative of the vision and realisation of the Malihambe! Series. Neil presented the president, Mr Maguic Hlatshwayo (pictured leading the delegates into the Meeting Hall) with a copy of John Wesley's Sermons for Today.

Father Ike and Neil hosted a successful booktable over the two days.

Local Preachers' Association Convention - Limpopo District (3-4 May 2013)
Neil and Father Ike hosted a Malihambe! booktable at the LPA Convention in Emalahleni (previously known as Witbank). Neil not only hosted the booktable, but addressed the Convention on the history and vision of Malihambe!. He also presented a copy of John Wesley's Sermons to the new President of the LPA, Rev Matshidiso Molale.

This turned out to be the biggest booktable we have ever hosted.

Malihambe! Workshop presented at 4G (19th March 2013)

4G_logo_338x480Neil presented the workshop Setting God's Word free to ten youth pastors at the 4G Youth Pastors' Academy on Thursday 21st February.

4G is a one-year course for youth pastors run at Lyttleton Methodist Church in Pretoria. Over the year the students experience several periods of in-hou4G_group_-_Feb_2013_640x424se training as well as serve within their home Churches.

The youth pastors not only enjoyed the workshop, but found the input and discussion stimulating and challenging. They were also blessed with their own copy of volume 1 in the Malihambe! Bible Series, Malihambe! Reading the Bible in southern Africa today, a gift from Trinity Methodist Church in Linden, Johannesburg.

To book a workshop contact Neil.

Books back in stock. (18th February 2013).
The three titles on order from Shumani Printers in Cape Town have arrived!

Now for the booktables!!!

Malihambe Publishers enters 2013 with excitement and expectation (25 January 2013)

Following on from a successful booktable at Trinity Methodist in Linden, Johannesburg early in December 2012, Malihambe Publishers has entered 2013 with a bang... by placing an order for the reprinting of three titles with Shumani Printers in Cape Town.

As soon as the 300 books ordered arrive a series of booktables will be held in local Methodist Churches, and wider afield.

The books arrive!  (13 December 2012)
Neil and Tara Lynn (Neil and Colleen's "extra" daughter) collected the books from Africa Upper Room Ministries on Tuesday 11th December. After a comprehensive "stocktaking" they were packed into the recently converted "book room".

The next few days will see stickers being stuck into each of over 1500 books, and then we will be ready to host the first Malihambe! Publishers booktable!

Malihambe enters a new season  (30 November 2012)
In October Roland asked Neil if he would like to "buy" the Malihambe! Series from Africa Upper Room. After discussing the idea with his wife, Colleen, and his mentor and friend Peter du Toit, Neil put in an offer on the Malihambe! Series.

On 22 November 2012 Malihambe Publishers Pty Ltd was registered by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa in Pretoria (reg. no. 2012/208538/07).

A few days later Neil opened a bank account with FNB in Cresta, and applied to the South African Revenue Service for registration, etc.

He is now waiting for a final invoice from AURM so that the transaction may be finalised.


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