The Malihambe! Wesley Series

John Wesley's Sermons, For Today in contemporary English (Book 1)

JMalihambe!_Wesley_Series_-_01_-_Wesleys_Sermons_-_English_-_cover_335x480ohn Wesley was one of the founders and, together with his brother Charles, was the main driving force, of the Evangelical Revival in England Wales and Ireland in the 18th century. His ministry touched hundreds of thousands of lives and helped transform a nation. It is estimated that he preached more than 40 000 times over 50 years.


Wesley published many of his sermons as cheap tracts, making them available to a wider audience and enabling the newly converted “Methodists” to grow in their faith. His most important sermons were published in a series of books


Over the last 250 years a collection of his sermons has became accepted by the Methodist Church, in its many expressions across the world, as the foundation for Methodist theology, belief, and practice. This volume “translates” them into modern language and into an idiom understandable to the average Believer in Southern Africa.

A brief introduction is given to each sermon, a short summary is provided, and then the text is "translated" before questions for reflection and discussion are suggested.

Available in English

174 pages. Cost: R110

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